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Employee Assistance Program

Today's fast-paced environment places a lot of pressure on us and might cause enormous stress. Each of us deals with it differently but, ultimately, stress can disturb our balance in life as well as our performance at work. The aim of the EAP is to provide preventive and therapeutic solutions for employers, employees and their loved ones to eliminate this stress and eventually regain the joy of life and work. The program will help you save valuable time by using these preventive solutions to your employees’ physical and mental health.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a range of support services for employees and their immediate family members. EAP includes several services, the key service being short-term, solution-focused counseling, either by way of telephone consultations or face-to-face meetings. Apart from that, we offer additional financial, tax and legal consultancy.

An organization’s success is determined by its employees‘ engagement. By helping the employees manage everyday challenges more effectively, the EAP brings about tangible benefits to the organization.
The program is tailored to your organization’s needs. With your help, we tune the individual EAP services to improve the overall health of your employees and, ultimately, help your organization operate more efficiently.

We will be pleased to meet you in person and discuss the benefits of using the EAP in your organization. Contact us